Country Notes



Benin, sector management needs improvement
January 2013

Jonathan Jourde, January 2013

Benin: Teachers issues facing major challenges
June 2012

Jonathan Jourde, June 2012

Targeting the Most Disadvantaged Primary Schools in Benin
January 2004

Mathieu Brossard, 2004

Elements of Synthesis of the Study: The Beninese Education System
December 2003

Mathieu Brossard, Nicolas Reuge, December 2003

Retention, Repetition and Quality in Beninese Government Primary Schools
October 2003

Mathieu Brossard, October 2003

Burkina Faso

Burkinabe school, a summary of the education challenges in Africa
January 2018

Jonathan Jourde, January 2018


Burundi to face many challenges
September 2012

Jonathan Jourde, September 2012


Cameroon: Back on Track toward EFA
March 2004

Luc Gacougnolle, March 2004

Cape Verde

Cape-Verde: On the way towards Universal Education
April 2011

Guillaume Husson, Jean-Luc Yameogo, April 2011

Central African Republic

Central African Republic: An Education System to Rebuild
September 2007

Laure Pasquier-Doumer, September 2007


Chad, a modest performance despite a significant financial effort for education
April 2016

Léonie Marin, April 2016


In Comoros, Progress must be made
September 2012

Jonathan Jourde, Septembre 2012

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Democratic Republic of the Congo, For an education at the service of growth and peace
April 2016

Jonathan Jourde, April 2016


Zoom in on an Education System: Focus on Guinea
January 2003

Mathieu Brossard, 2003

Guinea Bissau

A major overhaul of the Guinea-Bissau education system is well overdue
November 2016

Jonathan Jourde, 2016.

Guinea Bissau: Efforts to be Sustained
October 2010

Mireille Ravelojaona, Guillaume Husson, October 2010

Elements of Analysis of the Education System in Guinea
February 2003

Pôle de Dakar, February 2003


Mali: Difficult Choices to Achieve UPE
May 2007

Blandine Ledoux, André Francis Ndem, Nicolas Reuge, May 2007


Niger: A system weakened by multiples barriers
June 2012

Jonathan Jourde, June 2012

Niger: A Decisive Step towards EFA
January 2005

Elsa Duret, January 2005

São Tomé and Príncipe

Sao Tomé and Principe, Progress to be consolidated
September 2012

Jonathan Jourde, September 2012


The External Efficiency of Education in Senegal: An Economic Analysis
February 2007

Borel Foko, Francis Ndem, Nicolas Reuge, February 2007

Economic Aspects of the External Efficiency of Education in Senegal
July 2004

Borel FOKO, Francis NDEM, Nicolas REUGE, July 2004

The Issue of the Deployment of Teaching Staff in Senegalese Schools
February 2004

Kokou Amelewonou, February 2004

Achieving Universal Primary Education in Senegal: Elements of Analysis of Retention
December 2003

Kokou Amelewonou, Mathieu Brossard and Nicolas Reuge, December 2003

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone, despite real progress, education system remains fragile
June 2013

Jonathan Jourde, Diane Coury, June 2013


Tanzania: Notable progress and multiple challenges
June 2012

Jonathan Jourde, June 2012


In Togo, Opportunities exist to strengthen the performance of the system
December 2013

Jonathan Jourde, December 2013


In Uganda, galvanizing the teaching force
June 2014

Jonathan Jourde, June 2014