PôleMag#27 - February 2018
Reducing the impact of crises
New Support Programme for Quality Management
Official launch in Abidjan from 13 to 15 February
Public-private partnerships in vocational training in Africa
IIEP-Pôle de Dakar Regional Workshop, 19-21 March 2018
A Platform Adopted by UEMOA Ministers

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IIEP-Pôle de Dakar is the Africa-based office of UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, a unique specialized United Nations institute with a mandate to strengthen the capacity of UNESCO Member States to plan and manage their education systems.


August 2018
Islamic Republic of Mauritania, IIEP-Pôle de Dakar - UNESCO, 2018
February 2018
This approach proposes a framework of methodological references that can become a common tool for the identification of obstacles to the implementation of vocational education and training policies.  
January 2018
Jonathan Jourde, January 2018
October 2017
UNESCO’s IIEP-Pôle de Dakar, with this publication, offers some context to those indicators that are most common and relevant to the countries of Sub-Saharan Africa.


The IIEP-Pôle de Dakar partners' days will be held on 2 and 3 October at the...
13 Aug 2018
The application process for the participation of African French-speaking...
20 Feb 2018
Reducing the impact of crises How can we manage with crises? And how can we...
19 Feb 2018



PoleMag 27 - February 2018
How can we manage with crises? And how can we improve a system’s ability to reduce their impact? Strengthening the resilience of education systems through planning that is adapted for crisis situations is a priority for IIEP.